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Our company was founded in Piraeus in 1961 from Spyros Korkidis with object the trading of electrical equipment of boats and industry. Our imports from factories of abroad, our presence in expositions all the world as well as our collaboration with greek factories, created our wide range of materials which exceeds the number of 35.000 products.

Τα γραφεία της εταιρείας μας

Our clientele are constituted by the better companies of Greece and abroad of commercial shipping and cabotage, as also from companies of catering of boats, ship yards, constructional companies, industries, etc. Our company allocates two shops in Piraeus as well as privately-owned deposits. It is member of Commercial Association of our city as well as various chambers of country.

  Today the S.Korkidis Group of Companies is operated from mr. Vasilis Korkidis, shipbuilder mechanical engineer, pesident of National Association of Greek Commerce and Evangelos Korkidis, economist, vice presidentof the Piraeus Association of Commercial Agents. Our company is member of Piraeus Traders Association and of the Commercial Chamber of Piraeus. It is also certified with ISO:9001.

  Our company is constituted by the following sectors of operation and organisation:

Α. Commercial department

  Have the possibility of direct communication with the address of our company for orders - offers. We allocate address of electronic post, web page, fax, telephone centre withISDN lines . Use of all international books of coding of products as ISSA, IMPA, ELECTRO CIRCKEL, KERGER K.A.
We publish bulletin of delivery of supplies of boats on exemption V.A.T. for our customers.
Delivery of merchandises inside Attica with our own cars and bikes.
Ιn collaboration with company we deliver your orders in Greece and worldwide.

B. Accounts department

Our accounts department is completely computerised and equipped with last type instruments and programs in collaboration with the "Saturn" company .

C. Department of Public Relations

We have continuous presence in reports, shipping magazines, various chambers, the Commercial Association Piraeus and other similar institutions.

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